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Canadian Services Directory was launched in August 2015 to give Canadian businesses a chance to be part of a more personalized advertising program. In order to boost keywords in Google and other search engine rankings, one very important aspect is the quantity and quality of the links linking to the website. There are several factors that determine what a quality link is and the power (or link juice) it can give. One very important factor is the number of links on the page and the location of the page within the website itself. Too many links and the page gets diluted and there's barely any good link juice divided between all of them.

This is where our business directory differs from the rest. We want to focus our linking power to a very limited amount of companies per Canadian city, the very best in their fields of work. For that reason, our listings require a paid membership in order to be listed.

We list some of the major Canadian cities on the left-hand side menu (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) but you can also submit to any other Canadian city you want in order to boost your keywords for a specific city. The other city categories will still be available within one click of our main page.

  • First businesses to submit will be listed at the top of each city category and displayed in order of submit date.
  • Once the membership expires, it can be renewed without losing that position but if it is cancelled, that particular listing will be removed and the other listings will be moved up accordingly.
  • Each listing is entitled to a 200 x 150 image and a text description (maximum of 250 characters).
  • Membership is $100 / year.
  • Payment is done by Paypal. To arrange other payment options, please contact us.

Canadian Services Directory

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